Civil Litigation Attorneys

Grad, Logan, Klewans, and Bowen understands that lawsuits are typically two things above all else: stressful and expensive. When a client comes to us with a potential or already-pending dispute, we begin by exploring the possible solutions. What does the client want or need to successfully resolve this dispute? The answers guide our attorneys as we explore the merits of the case and develop advice on the options and appropriate case strategy.

How a Civil Litigation Attorney Can Help

Our firm has decades of experience litigating on behalf of businesses of all sizes, individuals, healthcare professionals and their practices, government and private employees, government entities, and nonprofits.

We negotiate, mediate, arbitrate, and litigate, as necessary for each particular case. Our litigators have experience working in the private sector, as Federal prosecutors, and through service in the military.

We understand that an effective litigation strategy can’t be based solely on the law, but must also be driven by the client’s specific needs and goals. We work closely with clients to establish budgets, to plan for contingencies and to make the often confusing and always unpredictable arena of litigation as understandable and knowable as is possible.

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