Business Contracts

Business contracts are an essential part of every business operation. Procuring equipment and supplies, hiring staff, and selling or buying assets (or even the entire company) all require quality legal assistance with drafting and interpreting contracts. The Fairfax contract attorneys of Grad, Logan, Klewans, and Bowen assist clients in negotiating, drafting and interpreting contracts, and with litigating contract disputes when necessary.

Setting Up Your Business Contracts

Written contracts protect businesses and their principals, documenting and clarifying agreements regarding all manner of transactions. Our business contracts attorneys help clients set up daily operations, purchase equipment and supplies, engage a subcontractor or vendor, and establish relationships among owners and shareholders.

We also have experience creating and working with many different kinds of employment contracts, including agreements to protect the interests of businesses and individuals through the inclusion of non-compete and other restrictive covenant clauses. Our employment contract attorneys have extensive experience drafting, enforcing, and terminating restrictive covenants.

Contract Disputes

Of course, agreements are sometimes broken and contract clauses violated. In these unfortunate situations Grad, Logan, Klewans, and Bowen provides clients with essential representation by experienced contract lawyers.

Contact Grad, Logan, Klewans, and Bowen if you require an experienced attorney to help with negotiating, drafting, or interpreting business contracts, or resolving a dispute over any contract. Call 703-548-8400.